NOVA ROCK - new top bands to come


NOVA ROCK 2017, #NR17

new bands @ nova rock festival

to make a long story short:

Fatboy SlimFatboy Slim
Mehr zu Fatboy Slim ...
- DJ legend and party hero.
Mehr zu Slayer ...
- perfect new album. nothing to repent, guys.
Five Finger Death PunchFive Finger Death Punch
Mehr zu Five Finger Death Punch ...
- kung fu metal.
RAG 'N' BONE MAN - today's blues and soul.
A Day To RememberA Day To Remember
Mehr zu A Day To Remember ...
- perfect band to remember a festival.
Mehr zu Sabaton ...
- swedish powermetal at it's best.
Mehr zu Epica ...
- Netherland's best symphonic metal with a wonderful Simone Simons.
Mehr zu Wakrat ...
- as hard as punk can when played by a RATM member.
Sleeping with SirensSleeping with Sirens
Mehr zu Sleeping with Sirens ...
- punk rock from Florida.
Mehr zu Dawa ...
- one of the best austrian singer/songwriters.
Four Year StrongFour Year Strong
Mehr zu Four Year Strong ...
- american power punk rock.
Black InhaleBlack Inhale
Mehr zu Black Inhale ...
- purest austrian metal.

larger than LifeLife
Mehr zu Life ...

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