WAKRAT is a powerful trio comprised of Timmy C (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave) not only playing bass but smashing out vocals as well.  To round out the line-up, Tim is flanked by Mathias Wakrat on drums (the bands names-sake and a name that Tim thought was different but very cool so why not use it for the band) and Laurent Grangeon on guitar. The heavily alt-punk influenced group are currently finishing up their debut album, and recently released a video of a song called "Knucklehead".  
"I've been dealing with some deep, dark family stuff in the last year," says vocalist and bassist, Tim Commerford. "Sometimes the dark side spawns incredible things...but look what came from it: this incredible opportunity in music that I love."
 "I am enjoying myself right now on a musical level more than I've enjoyed myself in my entire career...it's a beautiful thing," says Commerford.  Stay tuned for WAKRAT's upcoming debut album, coming later this year.




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