General Business Terms:


General Terms:

Data Privacy / EMAIL

The user confirms the storage and use of its data. Skalar Entertainment GmbH, Nova Music Entertainment GmbH, the Freundliche Marketing Service GmbH (operator of the ticketshops) and musicnet Entertainment GmbH are allowed to send the user information via email or mail. Nova Music Entertainment GmbH obligates not to handover users data to third parties, except the named ones, nor to encroach users data for false purposes within the company. In case of cancellation, relocation, major changes or rerun of shows the user will be informed via email.


By using our online offer the user declares acceptance for storing and using its data. Changes in our data privacy guidelines will be anaounced on our website. Furthermore every visitor of the festival declares acceptance for using fotos or videos taken on the festival that may show him/her for future commercial use.
Purview, Competent Court Of Jurisdiction, LAW

For business clients the comepetent court of jurisdiction is the viennese court which has subject-matter jurisdiction, for private clients the court which to have jurisdiction ratione loci and ratione materiae is responsible.

Additional Terms For Order:


All online orders are mandatory and cannot be cancelled or changed. Freundliches Marketing Service GmbH is the operator of the ticketshop. By buying the costumer accepts also their AGBs which are identical to this ones. .

Tickets sold for DispatchDispatch
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or deposit can be payed by card (VISA, Mastercard) or last name. Tickets get their validation only after full payment. By acquisition of the payment process the diposal is mandatory and cannot be cancelled or modified. The selling is only to come about if the accounting process is conducted with a valid card (VISA or Mastercard) and the payment process is authorized by the credit card company, or if the money is collected per last name.
Delivery, Use

Sold Tickets will either be send by mail, if required by last name, or will be accessable at the box office on the day of the show if this service is explicitly declared. Postal and collection will be prized according to our official price list. Freundliches Marketing Service GmbH assumes no liability for tickets that may get lost on the mailing route. Furthermore Freundliches Marketing Service GmbH cannot assume liability for delivery through third parties like post or courier services. Therefore in case of non-delivery damages cannot be claimed at the Freundliches Marketing Service GmbH. Lost Tickets will not be compensated nor damages resulting from a payment process that is not authorized by the credit card company. Tickets must not be copied, modified or misused. By buying a ticket the visitor accepts the house rules of the venue and the General Business Terms of the organizer. At every venue latecomers will be TreatedTreated
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according to the house rules. Tickets without a stub are invalid. When leaving the venue the ticket loses its validity. Misuse will be punished. The ticket cannot be used as a bill for the purpose of §11 UstG, therefore pre tax deduction is not possible. All forms of audiovisual recordings (photo, video, film) are prohibited. In case of disregarding, especially when photos are taken with flash, the organizer is allowed to retain the camera until the end of the show. Open air events can take place at any weather conditions. It is not allowed to take bottles, umbrellas or any other kind of dangerous items into the venue. The visitor has to provide rainwear for itself.
Deposit At The Box Office

Tickets will be deposited at the venues box office if this service is declared. To collect the tickets you need to show your confirmation of reservation (email) and your ID. The takeover of the tickets has to be confirmed by signature.
Cancelling, Changes, Repayments

Retraction of the tickets (change or buyback) is not possible, except the show is cancelled by the organizer. In case of cancellation tickets can be refunded, the refunding period ends two months after the scheduled show date. Tickets have to be returned on the same way as they were bought (in case of purchase by the original tickets have to be returned by registered mail to Freundliches Marketing Service GmbH, Alser Straße 23 / Top 29-30, A-1080 Wien; for a successfull retransfer name, account number, bank and bank code have to be indicated. In case of purchase by other distribution channels these channels will announce relevant facts.) Changes in cast, program or date are subject to change to the organzier (venue), therefore refund is not possible. In case of abscence of one or more bands at a show due to force majeure price reduction is impossible, as well as for a partly usability of the venue due to force majeure. In case of cancellation that is not caused by the organizer or caused by an artist expenses like hotel, call-out fee, shiping expenses, administrative charges etc. are not reimbursed, as well as for delays and changes in cast and program. At television broadcasts the owner of the ticket declares its approval to the broacasting company to utilize videomaterial taken on the festival that may show him/her. The recordings can be utilized without compensation with any currently technical method as well as with future techniques, without any temporal or spatial restriction. Due to the volume the risk of hearing damages and damages to health is given at a concert; the organizer does not assume liability for those damages or any other bodity harms or material damages. .



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