Captain’s Bar

The Captain’s Bar has a platform with a perfect ViewView
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to the Blue Stage!
Visit the captain and his morganettes at the Captain’s bar! Close your eyes, enjoy the ViewView
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and take a memorable picture with the captain and your friends. Make sure to get one of the desired Captain Morgan goodies alongside your drink. Besides the good old Captain & Coke you can also get a Captain Mojito and our insider tip for you: Try the Summer Mojito flavoured with grapefruit – it’s delicious!

Food trucks & Food court

Food trucks will also be a part of Nova Rock. The large variety of different cuisines from all over the world will take your breath away. For a more relaxing atmosphere, we set them up as food courts. Besides dishes from places all around the world our festival classics are clearly not missing. We bundled all of this into several Food Courts / Food Streets for you. One of the highlights for years is the popular „Burgenland Arena“ with delicacies from the area and our PULS4 TV-COOK Oliver Hoffinger. This year, the food truck area will be joined by several food artists.
In the Food Truck Area, you'll find quality burger variations, homemade french fries, pizza, pastrami sandwiches, indian curry, steak sandwich, latin food and much more... Here you can sit comfortably and enjoy your food in a relaxed atmosphere. The food courts are kept clean by our diligent cleaning staff.

Eat Around the Clock – Food-Courts Overview
Blue Stage: „Burgenland“ Arena, Food Truck Area, Food Street Blue, Highway to Hell – Blue Court
Red Stage: Food Street Red, Highway to Hell – Red Court
Party-Area: Day & Night-Foodcourt
Camping: Food Disctrict Number #1, Camping Food Street, Caravan Court
VIP-Area: All you can Rock, Dinner @ Sun Terrace

Hot pastry, hot dog, langos, mini cordon bleu, fish & chips, pasta, suckling pig, spring rolls, burritos, asian rice dishes, indian specialities, chicken burger, sausages, goulash, stuffed peppers , tortellini, rolls, doner kebab, viennese escalope, falafel, typical viennese sugared pancake with raisins, strudel variations, pulled pork burger, shakes, fresh fruit, spareribs, donuts, pretzel, ice cream…

Discover a new world every day and rock through the day.


Burgenland Arena

Our popular Genussarena Burgenland is centrally located at the core festival area and offers you a terrace with plenty of seats and sunshades. Better be quick if you want a seat.
Delicious and high quality meals are made from ingredients of regional farmers and suppliers at the Genussarena. Vegetarians and vegans will also enjoy the amazing variety.

Together with our Burgenland farmers and producers, we have conjured up for you various regional products and delicious dishes. We serve: suckling pig, stuffed peppers, goulash and much more. This year will be the start of our wine cocktails with regional wines and our Burgenland water partner WALDQUELLE. Regional juices are also a must.

“AN GUADN” - PULS 4 TV chef Oliver Hoffinger will also prepare his delicious meals and make your taste buds go crazy!

Open daily until midnight.


Smart Shopping is the new thing! The so-called „Greißlerei“ is a convenient grocery store in a tent and is located at the campsite. This is the place where you can buy cooled Ottarocker beer cans for only € 1,50- or an assortment of chilled non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water in a practical 6p-pack. This year we also have our rock menu consisting of 4 Ottarocker beer cans plus 1 can of Inzersdorfer food with special price.

For small snack needs inbetween, we have expanded the assortment for you: bifi, sweets, gum, chips, peanuts, muesli bars, biscuits, ...

For the breakfast needs: refrigerated milk, natural yoghurt / fruit yoghurt, sausage and cheese pre-packaged, nutella, jam, ... Pro-Tip: for freshly baked breakfast rolls and croissants look in our NEW Nova Rock bakery right next to the „Greißlerei“.

Shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush or sun cream - no problem - we have also put together a fine assortment here.

Opening hours:  daily from 8 am - 8 pm

ATTENTION - NEW: From this year on, there are two more Ottarocker shops at the campsite - see site map. This makes your way to the ice-cold OTTAROCKER even shorter!

Inzersdorfer cooking point

Due to the success from last year – our canned food warm up station by the company „Inzersdorfer“ is back! You want to heat up your canned food? EasyEasy
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! No matter if soup, goulash or curry, you can heat up your food at the Inzersdorfer cooking point.

Both microwave and induction plates are available for preparation. Whether beef stew or chicken curry "eats" a matter of taste! We have again put together a fine assortment, simply try it – choose a  can and enjoy. We want to give thanks to the company Inzersdorfer for the station.


As in previous years, the Ottarocker beer can be purchased for a sensational price of € 1,50 at the Nova Rock campsite. Therefore, you’ll have enough space to bring your tent and sleeping bag and to pack enough clothes for any weather condition.

Ottarocker is available at the Nova Rock Greißlerei and at the Ottarocker shops at the campsite.
Our black Ottarocker can, which was only bottled for us at the time, has officially made it into the retail market this year - which makes us super proud!

Buy an icecold Ottarocker, check out profit numbers and win with a bit of luck one of the coveted Golden Rock Cashless Cards and drink the festival at the festival. All information:

Ottarocker Shops

This year there are now two additional areas at the campsite where you can get ice-cooled Ottarocker cans. Both at the caravan campsite and at the back of the campsite there are new locations for you right next to the breakfast stations to cover your daily needs. See the site map for more information.

Opened daily: 6-12 am

PULS4 TV chef Oliver Hoffinger

PULS 4 celebrity chef Oliver Hoffinger will spoil you with his delicious and creative meals at the Genuss Arena.

This year, the champion is again at the festival in person and has got plenty of delicious meals just like stuffed peppers or a rocky goulash. The perfect support for a busy day of festivities.


Our mobile camping area sales team offers you everything you need to get your day at the festival started. The Rock-breakfast consists of a chilled can of Ottarocker 0,5l & Red Bull – perfect for a day full of energy and after a long and exhausting party night!

Volume Grill & Chill Area powered by Hofer

VOLUME Grill & Chill powered by Hofer stands for finest quality at a fair price. Regardless if you’re a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, we’re sure you’ll find something delicious! We offer everything your BBQ-loving heart desires – healthy salads, chilled drinks, tasty bread.

The area has its own stage (Singer & Songwriter Stage) and is the ideal place to relax. Starting daily from 10:00 am, Hofer invites you to recharge your batteries and enjoy a healthy BBQ.


This year you can only use our webshop to pre-order your cashless card.
Visit the web shop here: (will be online soon)

Wiener Café & breakfast

The Wiener Café is located at the heart of the campsite.
To ensure an imperial feeling, we made sure to offer one of Austria’s most famous sweets– the Kaiserschmarrn! Sweet breakfast as well as hangover breakfast meals will be offered to match everyone’s desires.

Attention coffee-lovers: there will be a wide variety of coffee: espresso, Melange, Verlängerter, café latte, tea and, of course, hot chocolate. Both early birds and those who like to get up late will have enough time to enjoy their breakfast.

Presented by Volume